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The Career Sessions leverage the location of international Geneva and the massive alumni network of IHEID, providing students with useful advice and networking opportunities that can lead to an international career related to East Asia.

Two Thematic Sessions

Navigating Careers


with IOs in Geneva

Conversation with

IHEID Alumni

Career Session 1

Drawing from the increasing importance of the East Asian region in the contemporary world and the major role that this region is playing in organizations dealing with global affairs, CEAS is committed to present to students and young professionals potential career opportunities in such organizations. Covering different fields and international issues, this event aims at bringing together representatives from related institutions and connecting them with the participants, furnishing practical tips and information about what the organizations do and why they matter.


• To connect attendees and practitioners with
shared career interests in East Asia;
• To share experiences in working within different
sectors in East Asia (e.g. public sector, private sector, IGOs and NGOs, academia, etc.);
• To gain knowledge about career opportunities in East Asia today;
To understand what these organizations are looking for, in terms of profile, skills, and experience;

• To explore what kinds of career path students can seek in these organizations;

• To present the recruitment process and offer tips.

Navigating Careers with IOs 

in Geneva

Tuesday, November 8th 2022

16:00 - 18:00 CET


IHEID Piciotto Common Room



Communications and Advocacy at GCERF, former Intern at UNICEF, former consultant at OECD, former Environmental Intern at UNEP

Sai Aashirvad Konda_edited.jpg

 Sai Aashirvad Konda 


Programme Management Officer at the World Health Organisation, former Consultant-Emergency services at UNHCR, former Project Coordinator at UNESCO

 Feng Ding  

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 3.04.02 PM.png

Graphic Designer, Social Media Outreach and Project Manager in United Nations Institute Research and Training

 Sabrina Mochdie 

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