Geneva Forum on



Hybrid Event

October 11th–16th 2021

East Asia, as a geographic concept, involves Greater China, Japan, Mongolia, and the Korean Peninsula. Home to some of the world’s most ancient civilisations, East Asia has never been unimportant in history.


Today, this region has an increasingly significant role to play in shaping the world economically, politically, and culturally. Yet, the world still lacks knowledge about the region, which may turn into an impediment to engage this region in global governance and the international development agenda more deeply and constructively.


To bridge the gap, the China and East Asia Studies Initiative (CEAS), a student-led association based in Geneva, proposes to hold an annual forum on East Asia. The forum is aimed to be a platform for in-depth discussions and constructive dialogue surrounding East Asia, encouraging intellectual, professional, and cultural exchange at all levels. 

The Geneva Forum on East Asia is designed to be comprehensive and consists of three pillars: the academic forum, the career forum, and the social forum.

The target audience of the Forum is students, scholars, and professionals with an interest in East Asia and its relationship with the world. 

Featured Speakers

Dr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel

Former Ambassador of Switzerland to the People’s Republic of China, Mongolia and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (2014-2019), Distinguished Alumnus of IHEID

Dr. Marie-Laure Salles

Director of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) since 2020

Dr. Lionel Fatton

Assistant Professor of International Relations, Webster University Geneva

Research Collaborator, Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer, Meiji University, Tokyo Adjunct Fellow, The Charhar Institute, Beijing

Dr. Giuseppe Gabusi

Assistant professor of ‘International Political Economy and Political Economy of East Asia’ at the University of Torino, Head of Program of T.wai (Torino World Affairs Institute)

Isabel Pike photo.jpg

Dr. Isabel Pike

Assistant professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, IHEID

Faculty affiliate, Gender Center, IHEID