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2021 Lunar New Year Celebration series events

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To celebrate 2021 Lunar New Year and promote traditional East Asian festive culture, from 12th - 16th February 2021, CEAS organized a series of themed events. Featured events include an online welcome party with trivia quiz, gift stands set up in the common rooms of Picciotto and Grand Morillon student residences, a video series on Chinese New Year celebrations, a movie screening of the documentary "A bite of China: Celebrating Chinese New Year" and discussion, and a themed podcast episode in collaboration with the Podcast Initiative of IHEID to close off the celebration week.

Movie Screening and Discussion: A Bite of China: Celebrating Chinese New Year


Listen as hosts from CEAS reflect on different traditions in East Asia, their personal experiences of past new years, the soft power appeal of these celebrations, and the impact of a global pandemic on the celebrations.

This video has been deleted.

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Lunar New Year Gift Stands