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Panel Discussion on Anti-Asian Hate and Racism

In line with the stop-Asian hate campaign on campus, CEAS organized a panel discussion on Anti-Asian Hate and Racism as the closing event of the collaborative #STOP ASIAN HATE campaign on May 18, 2021. Three speakers – Professor Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou of Graduate Institute of Geneva, Fumi Kurihara of #OUR_Project and Mira CY Chow of the University of Toronto had their keynote speeches for about 40 minutes and questions from audiences were addressed afterwards. This event covered the historical and contemporary forms of Anti-Asian Racism, Racism within and outside of Asia, Racial microaggression and Racisms in Education. 

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Read also the article co-authored by our members Jungsoo Lee and Jiae Yang on the movement of STOP ASIAN HATE

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