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2022 Lunar New Year Event Series

To celebrate 2022 Lunar New Year, CEAS hosted a series of events including an opening ceremony, calligraphy, paper cutting, and origami creative session, and closing ceremony. The team also recorded two podcasts: a live music station featuring songs played during Lunar New Year and a podcast discussing their experiences celebrating Lunar New Year during a pandemic. 

2022 Opening Ceremony

2022 Greetings and Cultural Performances

00:00 / 28:30

Listen to the Live Music Station featuring classic Spring Festival celebratory songs that we grew up listening to and have been recommended to us by our listeners. Our listeners also shared the memories they have associated with their respective songs. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Hosted by: Jingyi YE, Sijia WEN

LNY podcast - Spring Festival in the time of corona
00:00 / 22:56

Spring Festival is a festival of family reunion for many in East Asia and around the globe. It annually generates the largest human migration flow on Earth. However, amid decreasing mobility under the pandemic, how should people compromise longing for home and sanitary protections? How are celebrations adjusted? What are the psychological challenges in this season of warmth and love and how can we jointly tackle them? Join Camille, Andrea and Zizhou as they invite you for a moment of reflection.

Hosted by: Camille LAU, Zizhou XIA, Andrea NI

Edited by: Andrea NI

Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Origami
Creative Session

On February 3, the CEAS Team held a creative session featuring calligraphy, paper cutting, and origami workshops. Special thanks to Ayaka for leading the calligraphy workshop and to our participants for coming. 

Closing Ceremony


On February 5, the CEAS Team held a closing ceremony to culminate our 2022 Lunar New Year Event Series. The team prepared traditional Chinese snacks such as steamed red bean buns and jujube brown sugar cakes and held a movie screening featuring the film Let the Bullets Fly.

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