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The Career Sessions leverage the location of international Geneva and the massive alumni network of IHEID, providing students with useful advice and networking opportunities that can lead to an international career related to East Asia.

Two Thematic Sessions

“Inspire Students”

Sharing by IHEID alumni in East Asia

“IOs in East Asia”

Career Fair

Career Session 1

The Graduate Institute of Geneva has a great network of alumni, with a significant number based in East Asia and working in a variety of sectors and industries. These alumni would be our student body’s best channel to get to know East Asia and best connect to the ground, from a practical perspective. Supported by the Alumni Office and Career Services of IHEID, this “Inspire Students” session, as part of a series of monthly thematic alumni roundtables, spotlights the region of East Asia.


• To connect attendees and IHEID alumni around
shared career interests in East Asia;
• To share experiences in working within different
sectors in East Asia (e.g. public sector, private sector, IGOs and NGOs, academia, etc.);
• To gain knowledge about career opportunities in East Asia today;
• To gain insights into the “East Asia experience” of
alumni from different backgrounds.

“Inspire Students” Sharing by IHEID alumni in East Asia

Tuesday, October 12th 2021

13:00 - 14:00 CET


Online [Webex]

International and Relief Service Officer at Hong-Kong Red Cross

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 Yee-King Ho 

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Development Coordinator at Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy

 Monica Ma 

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Political Affairs Officer at Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat

 Tiara Lin 

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Co-founder and CEO at Free Entrepreneurs

 Amado Trejo 

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