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La mission et la vision de la CEAS

The Social Sessions serve as a place of cultural exchange, embracing diversity and creating vibrancy. The target audience of the Social Sessions is students, scholars, and professionals with an interest in East Asia and its relationship with the world.

Two Thematic Sessions

Warm-up social session: Cultural Shocks! East Asia, Europe and the world

Closing Celebration


“Meet the participants”


cocktail party


Social Session 1

Prior to the official beginning of the Forum, this social session is intended to provide a space for interaction among those who will attend the various events of the Forum. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other before being involved in this week-long experience. Ice-breaking activities will be organized around the theme of “cultural shocks” to share episodes on and
appreciate the cultural differences and similarities of East Asia, Europe, and beyond.


• To meet the participants of the Forum, share interests
and experiences with each other, and begin the Forum
in a casual and informal way.
• To facilitate a discussion on the different cultural
shocks students have experienced in Asia, Europe, and
beyond through interactive activities;
• To provide an introduction to CEAS for students from East Asia and students with an interest in East Asian studies.

 Go to the "EVENTS CALENDAR" part on the webpage or:

 [WEBEX]  Meeting Number:  2740 398 2544

 Password:  ceas2021

Warm-up social session:
Cultural Shocks! East Asia,
Europe and the world

Friday, October 1st 2021

17:00 - 18:00 CET


Online [Webex]

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