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Documentary Screening

Where did the Chinese sit on the bus during Jim Crow? Blurring the Color Line Breaks racial barriers by going beyond the narratives of black & white. Much has been written about segregation upon Black people in the South, but nothing that discusses the social placement of Asian Americans during this time. This film invites critical conversations around today’s racial tensions by addressing a connective past. 
Blurring the Color Line is inspired by Crystal Kwok’s grandmother’s story about her family’s grocery store in Augusta, Georgia. Her family grew up in a black neighbourhood and they share stories about their personal experiences that expose the problematic, racialized systems. 
The film decenters existing narratives and showcases perspectives from both the Chinese and Black community, opening up necessary but uncomfortable discussions between marginalized groups. Blurring the Color Line is a step towards cross-racial solidarity by having a better understanding of the past efforts of changing the future. Both Asian and Black groups have faced hardships and lack of representation in teh media, so this film is needed now more than ever. 

Film show

Documentary Screening

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Blurring the Color Line

Chinese in the Segregated South

by Cristal Kwok


Prof. Yali Chen

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Lecturer at University of Geneva

Documentary Screening of Blurring the Color Line

Thursday, October 19th 2023

19:00 - 21:00 CET


Grand Morillon Student House, Amphitheatre

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